Keep Windows 7 running smoothly

24 Dec

When it comes to computers there is one running constant. You will run into problems in maintaining the consistency of use. Just like everything else, even though it is digital, a computer experiences wear and tear after hours of on going computing. In Windows 7 this is still the case. Even though this is the most advanced operating system that Microsoft has ever released in their Windows family it still inherits problems from the past. Most of the problems are problems that affect all operating systems no matter who makes them. On the other hand some problems are very Windows specific. We shall go over a few of the problems that are Windows specific and go over how we can solve them.
The first thing that you can do to keep your Windows 7 operating system running smoothly is to make sure that you do routine maintenance checks on it at least every two months. This includes running the Disk Defragmenter program, running a registry cleaner, and emptying temporary files. All of these items when left unattended will start to bog down your computer and make it run slower than normal. You will hear as a common complaint from most Windows users is that their machine does not run the same way that it use to. This is a big reason why. Just as you would keep up the maintenance with a new car, the same must be done for a new computer.

Another way to make sure that your Windows 7 operating system maintains a smooth level of operation is to keep it secured. If the system becomes compromised, it will surely affect the level of performance. Some malware that you may receive on your computer will create files and run processes that will begin to affect your everyday computing. Running an anti virus scanner while you do your normal day to day activities will help alleviate this problem. You also want to make sure that the anti virus is always updated. If it is not, newer malware will find their way into your system and start to slow things down again.

These are only a couple of ways that you can make sure that your Windows 7 installation is as fresh as the first day you bought it. If you keep up the maintenance on the system then your computer will have a long healthy life span.

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